Rosemount Australian Fashion Week: Part 1

As I've mentioned about a billion times already, it's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week here in Sydney! So surprise, I thought I'd give you a rundown of yesterday's shows. I have to warn you, I'm not a professional photographer or anything so please bear with my photos! (Actually, if you want some amazing coverage of Day 1 and Day 2, check out this blog by one of my lovely photographer pals.)

The style set was out in force and I spent the moments in between shows watching other photographers snap some of the more stylish lads and ladies. (Sadly, no Sartorialist/Garance sightings yet but I am determined to see them in action before this week is over!)

Konstantina Mittas

First up was Konstantina Mittas, who had some neo-Gothic ensembles with lots of puffed sleeves and teeny tiny miniskirts in black, white and bronze. The models sported some pretty spiffy gold eye makeup that gave the impression they were at a masked ball.

Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester put on a really cute show inspired by "intrepid adventure". The models were really fresh and bouncy, and trotted along the catwalk wearing gumboots and backpacks in bright pink, red, green, blue and yellow. It reminded me of my childhood (which is sadly receding further and further in my memory).

Aurelio Costarella

Aurelio Costarella put on a breathtaking show that was more of an art installation than runway show. The models came out and then stood on these glass circles, allowing the audience to walk around them and study the intricate embroidery, beading and embellishment up close. It was brilliant (and the models were so patient!)

This season, designer Dhini Para Rajasingham drew inspiration from marching bands because "they are a symbol of positivity, bravery and fortitude". A drummer kicked off the show with a bang (actually, more like a drumroll) and then these military-inspired structured pieces came out, one after another. I would love to have all of them but I'd settle for that Phillip Lim 3.1-esque jacket on the left.

Gail Sorronda
Designer Gail Reid's AW09 collecion was called "Ha Ha Battles", which she said was about "laughing in the face of adversity". I think a lot of labels responded to the global financial crisis with a touch of defiance. This show reminded me of 1920s flappers because the models wore really pretty bejewelled and feathered headpieces. And there were lots of ruffles and sheer fabrics!

Marnie Skillings
Marnie Skillings definitely knows how to put on a spectacle! When the lights dimmed, this rocker chick wearing leather pants and a bikini top came out and sat down at a drum set...then started pounding away for the entire show. My favorite part was when all the models came out at the end. The collection was called "All Tomorrow's Angels" but they looked more like one big girl gang.

Hopefully I'll have more for you tomorrow! xo, i.d.

I Heart Le Colonel

Le Colonel is the most adorable French accessories line. I love this little headband called the Pink Russian - and the saucy retro styling to match!

Could Would Should

Smile, it's RAFW! Stay tuned to The Sartorialist and Garance Doré to see how we dress Down Under. :)

P.S. Thank you Anna for this lovely award!

I'd like to pass it on to:

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Katie Crackernuts - for her op-shopping prowess
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Fit For A Queen

LOVE the diva attitude encapsulated in this piece of furniture. I'm helping a friend with a photo shoot today, yay!

I Heart Tim Hamilton

I like the idea of having a uniform - and right now, I think I could wear all black for the rest of my life if my wardrobe was designed by Tim Hamilton.

History Lessons

So, I came across the 18th Century Blog after watching The Duchess - I popped on the DVD to have something on in the background while I did some fashion illustration but it proved SO distracting because the costuming was that amazing. Anyways, afterwards I tried to find some screen caps and in the process discovered this site, devoted to all things from the 1700s - art, clothing, etiquette, you name it. Historical references are so important in fashion so I was really excited to find this.
I used this image of a bodice as inspiration for a design brief focused on "external shape". :)

Today Feels Like A Futuristic Sunset

Have a stellar weekend! I am going to check out a friend's clothing line and go antique shopping tomorrow, then lunch with my favorite group of gal pals on Sunday. xo, i.d.

Oisin Byrne

Thanks to a tipoff from a lovely reader, I have a great new artist to share with you! Oisin Byrne hails from Ireland and, since graduating from the National College of Art and Design in 2006, has dabbled in drawing, painting, origami (see the pic below), installation art and the publication of a book called Friendly Energy Being. Busy guy!

Photo credits:

I Heart Lucette

Have you heard of Lucette? I'm so in love with this Aussie label. Their AW09 collection has this perfect mix of military attitude, hippie detailing and 1920s girliness.

Photo credits:

We Make Words

Courtesy of The Design Files (which I always find bittersweet to visit, because it makes me miss Melbourne so much!), I found this amazing blog called We Make Words. Artists Amy and Luci teamed up to capture words made out of ordinary objects. So cool!

Playing Favorites

I hope you've been having a leisurely long weekend! What have you been up to? I spent mine turning flared jeans into skinnies and eating lots of cake. Mmm... To keep you preoccupied for one more day, here are five of my favorite cute little blogs:

A Little Sussy - photographer Nicole Hill shares her portfolio and fantastic in-depth interviews with other photogs.

Morning By Foley - she's French, which makes her blog even cooler in my books.

WishWishWish - lots of beautiful bits and bobs from the life of this London gal.

Makool Loves You - and I love back this Portland boutique's lovely blog showcasing indie fashion.

Fine Little Day - very simple and sweet, the pictures speak for themselves.

Let's Play The Fashion School Numbers Game

So, I'm two months into a Fashion Design course and I thought it'd be fun to break down the stats for you...

Years of study: 3
Students in my year: 60
Average age: 20
Final year students chosen to show at RAFW: 4
Average daily times people ask, "Did you make that?": 3
Times so far the answer has been "Yes": 3
Subjects I'm taking: 11
Contact hours per week: 28
Hours I spend commuting to and from home: 2
Average hours of sleep I used to get: 8
Average hours of sleep I get now: 5
Coffees per day: 1
Design briefs we've received: 7
Garments we've sewn: 3
Minutes it used to take me to thread a machine: 5
Minutes it takes me now: 1
Times per day I go to my locker: 4
Times per day I wish I could fit more stuff in: 4
Money I've spent on fees and materials: too much.
We have 3 weeks off now for mid-term break + Fashion Week = such a relief. I love my classmates - they are all seriously fabulous, funny and adorable - but we agree unanimously that it will be nice to catch up with other friends! There are so many people I haven't even seen since I moved back to Sydney 3 months ago - bad, bad, bad! We've all become such fashion school recluses. :(

Skine Art

Hello Skineart, current little obsession of mine. I love Moleskines - carrying one around never ceases to make me feel like a true artist (we artists are delicate souls and will take any ego boost we can get). This little treasure of a site where people share artwork from their notebooks shows that there are some truly talented under-the-radar artists out there...Amazing.

I Heart Olsens Anonymous

Confession time...I'm a recent convert to the Olsen twins. The blog Olsens Anonymous totally feeds this addiction to their fabulous lifestyle. Enjoy!
(P.S. Sorry for not getting back to comments - I have a bunch of assessments due tomorrow - once that's done I'll have mid-term break, so plenty of time to devote to the blogosphere!)

Little Girl Lost

Longing for days when I worried less...Do you ever feel like that? I suspect there is a direct correlation between stress levels and age/responsibility. Sucks to be grown up.

By Sandra Freij.


Rachel Papo is an amazing Israeli photographer whose work spans the arts, politics and social commentary. My favorite project of hers is Desperately Perfect, which explores life at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia.
"In these times of reality TV and instant stardom, in a country that is constantly evolving towards western culture, there exists an institution in which the old ways are still practiced. From the age of ten until eighteen; twelve hours a day; six days a week; on the barre or in a classroom—for the students of this school there are no shortcuts."

Hemming & Willström

Hemming & Willström needs your help! Greta Muuri and Isla Myllys, the dynamic duo behind this Finnish accesories line, have just released a series of little wallets made out of old cassette tapes and they would like some feedback on how much you'd be willing to pay for them. Leave a comment and/or click here for more!

*UPDATE: Visit Get Palmd before April 12th to win one of these cute little coin purses!
Size: width 9.5cm x height 10.5cm.
Materials: C-cassette tape & cotton yarn.
Lining: recycled fabric with wonderfull prints.
Zipper: property left from an old dressmaker.

I Heart Nina Chakrabarti

Isn't she talented? I love the shoes one best - so true. Except, in my case, hell is having no money to buy anything I want (darn this student budget!!!).

Photo credits:

Kate Towers

I have a lot of fondness for established fashion houses like Chanel, YSL and Prada, but I have to say, I'm also gaining a lot of respect for rising independent designers. It takes a lot of vision and drive to launch your own label, let alone make it a success.

One of my faves is Kate Towers, a self-taught designer from Portland, Oregan who makes non-seasonal, one-off designs that draw on her Fine Art background and inspiration from nature. Her dresses are so lovely. And I LOVE the photography from her lookbook!