Let's Play The Fashion School Numbers Game

So, I'm two months into a Fashion Design course and I thought it'd be fun to break down the stats for you...

Years of study: 3
Students in my year: 60
Average age: 20
Final year students chosen to show at RAFW: 4
Average daily times people ask, "Did you make that?": 3
Times so far the answer has been "Yes": 3
Subjects I'm taking: 11
Contact hours per week: 28
Hours I spend commuting to and from home: 2
Average hours of sleep I used to get: 8
Average hours of sleep I get now: 5
Coffees per day: 1
Design briefs we've received: 7
Garments we've sewn: 3
Minutes it used to take me to thread a machine: 5
Minutes it takes me now: 1
Times per day I go to my locker: 4
Times per day I wish I could fit more stuff in: 4
Money I've spent on fees and materials: too much.
We have 3 weeks off now for mid-term break + Fashion Week = such a relief. I love my classmates - they are all seriously fabulous, funny and adorable - but we agree unanimously that it will be nice to catch up with other friends! There are so many people I haven't even seen since I moved back to Sydney 3 months ago - bad, bad, bad! We've all become such fashion school recluses. :(


  1. oooh i like this. an insight into your fashion world!

  2. love these stats, thanks for sharing :) 5hrs sleep a day? i would need at least 3 cups of coffee to get me through the day but maybe my body will adjust? :)

  3. oh my goodness. You are a busy, busy lady! But it still sounds fun to me! :)

  4. I agree the coffee:sleep ratio is a little out of whack :P

    Can't wait to catch up with you properly this week - this insight was good and looking forward to hearing lots lots more. Have a blessed Easter!

  5. congratulations on getting into rafw!!!! how exciting :) and stressful

    i hope one day i can thread a machine in 60 seconds :D

  6. so busy! i hope everything goes well :)

  7. Fun facts to read, and only 1 cup of coffee a day? Not too bad, I know a lot of people who have at least 2 or 3 a day! ;)


  8. loooved this post! i read it all! sounds like hard work but i think you will pull through and come out on top top!!! :) good luck honey.

    xxx happy weekend !!! bel

  9. i'm soo jealous :)
    sounds so much fun!