Skine Art

Hello Skineart, current little obsession of mine. I love Moleskines - carrying one around never ceases to make me feel like a true artist (we artists are delicate souls and will take any ego boost we can get). This little treasure of a site where people share artwork from their notebooks shows that there are some truly talented under-the-radar artists out there...Amazing.


  1. i have grown to hate them! :( just because they are so expensive (for me anyway) and that there are stupid people who think carrying one around will give them 6000 cool points.

    but yes it would make me feel like a true artist if i had one. im just jealous haha.

  2. AHHHHH.
    I love that!! Love love LOVE line drawings with a hint of colours. Especially when it's sea green like that!

  3. I must check out the site now! I love Moleskines too =]

    La C.