Rosemount Australian Fashion Week: Part 1

As I've mentioned about a billion times already, it's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week here in Sydney! So surprise, I thought I'd give you a rundown of yesterday's shows. I have to warn you, I'm not a professional photographer or anything so please bear with my photos! (Actually, if you want some amazing coverage of Day 1 and Day 2, check out this blog by one of my lovely photographer pals.)

The style set was out in force and I spent the moments in between shows watching other photographers snap some of the more stylish lads and ladies. (Sadly, no Sartorialist/Garance sightings yet but I am determined to see them in action before this week is over!)

Konstantina Mittas

First up was Konstantina Mittas, who had some neo-Gothic ensembles with lots of puffed sleeves and teeny tiny miniskirts in black, white and bronze. The models sported some pretty spiffy gold eye makeup that gave the impression they were at a masked ball.

Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester put on a really cute show inspired by "intrepid adventure". The models were really fresh and bouncy, and trotted along the catwalk wearing gumboots and backpacks in bright pink, red, green, blue and yellow. It reminded me of my childhood (which is sadly receding further and further in my memory).

Aurelio Costarella

Aurelio Costarella put on a breathtaking show that was more of an art installation than runway show. The models came out and then stood on these glass circles, allowing the audience to walk around them and study the intricate embroidery, beading and embellishment up close. It was brilliant (and the models were so patient!)

This season, designer Dhini Para Rajasingham drew inspiration from marching bands because "they are a symbol of positivity, bravery and fortitude". A drummer kicked off the show with a bang (actually, more like a drumroll) and then these military-inspired structured pieces came out, one after another. I would love to have all of them but I'd settle for that Phillip Lim 3.1-esque jacket on the left.

Gail Sorronda
Designer Gail Reid's AW09 collecion was called "Ha Ha Battles", which she said was about "laughing in the face of adversity". I think a lot of labels responded to the global financial crisis with a touch of defiance. This show reminded me of 1920s flappers because the models wore really pretty bejewelled and feathered headpieces. And there were lots of ruffles and sheer fabrics!

Marnie Skillings
Marnie Skillings definitely knows how to put on a spectacle! When the lights dimmed, this rocker chick wearing leather pants and a bikini top came out and sat down at a drum set...then started pounding away for the entire show. My favorite part was when all the models came out at the end. The collection was called "All Tomorrow's Angels" but they looked more like one big girl gang.

Hopefully I'll have more for you tomorrow! xo, i.d.


  1. So exciting! Thanks for sharing these pics! I love Konstantina Mittas :)


  2. How exciting! That was a great run down. Every fashion show has it's own feel and it's so much fun to be apart of it! ;)

  3. My favorite was Aurelio Costarella by far. Gorgeous pieces. And your photography looked just fine to me!

  4. ah your photos are sooooo much better than my sneaky phone ones haha.. Where were you, because at Marnie Skillings I was near the photographers 'den' haha... will you be going on friday, because i'll be there again too. How much fun is it haha?


  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! Dhini's collection looks incredible (will have to check it out further), and I'm such a fan of Aurelio Costarella...his work is always beautiful art. Look forward to the next installments, and am so jealous you get to attend all of these! :)

  6. How lovely to have an up close & personal view -- the Marnie Skillings collection looks like fun.

  7. the shows look so great
    lucky you to be there!~

  8. Great post; very informative & to the point! Thanks darling <3

    La C.

  9. Amazing! I love these photos.

  10. You did so well with your fashion week photos, hun! I gotta give it up for my NZ'er Kate Sylvester but what really caught my eye was Aurelio Costarella! Such luscious, luxurious things!

  11. Me love conceptual. Aurelio show sounds brilliant.

  12. Oh, I want to go to a Fashion Week, a real one! Here i Portugal things are soooo boring :(