Hemming & Willström

Hemming & Willström needs your help! Greta Muuri and Isla Myllys, the dynamic duo behind this Finnish accesories line, have just released a series of little wallets made out of old cassette tapes and they would like some feedback on how much you'd be willing to pay for them. Leave a comment and/or click here for more!

*UPDATE: Visit Get Palmd before April 12th to win one of these cute little coin purses!
Size: width 9.5cm x height 10.5cm.
Materials: C-cassette tape & cotton yarn.
Lining: recycled fabric with wonderfull prints.
Zipper: property left from an old dressmaker.


  1. How sweet are these coinpurses! They are made out of recycled materials. That could definitely demand a premium... I am not sure how much coinpurses are these days as it's been a while since I purchased mine. I don't know-- $40/$50 for something interesting and new? I would love to learn more about this line!

  2. This is such a brilliant recycle/upcycle design idea! I'd probably pay upto $50, but I could easily pay more if I see how well it's made.
    Thanks for sharing about the giveaway too :)

  3. so gorgeous and so original. Those Swedes are clever. Carla

  4. very cute!!
    thanks for sharing