Some inspiration for my next Individual - the background is a close-up of a kimono I found in a book whose title escapes me right now, and the samurai is a photo by Hedi Slimane via the ever cool 50two. :)

I don't actually know whether I'll be doing Japan anymore because everyone else seems to be doing it. Am still sketching ideas; sign off is due next week.

Boy Meets Girl

No one does tomboy chic quite like Sofia Coppola. She's a bit of a style icon for me.

Prada FW09/10

Here's a little collage I did on Prada's recent Fall/Winter campaign for my Fashion Design class - we had to pick 3 collections that demonstrate strong unity. All the fierce imagery is thanks to the fantastic lookbook, which you can check out here - I just had to Photoshop it together! (Hard to believe that 6 months ago I was Adobe illiterate, hey?)
(The other two collections I'm doing are Chloe and Proenza Schouler.)

Photo credits:

The Devil Is In The Details

How amazing are these embellished stockings? I'm a bit of a magpie, anything glittery takes my fancy.

Daria, Dahling

Thank you for the sweet comments about my drawing! There is lots going on at the moment; we started our next brief and I think I am going to mash up the traditional prints and costumes of Native Americans and the Japanese into an outfit...it remains to be seen whether this will work...also I tend to change my mind a lot - I would love to do Russia as well!

In the aftermath of frantically finishing the last individual, I have found that there is a lot of fashion-y goodness on
ru_glamour to catch up on! Daria Werbowy is one of my favorite models, alongside Coco Rocha (yep she has a blog, go check it out), Chanel Iman and Lily Donaldson - I like my models with some spunk and personality! Who are your favorites?
(Incidentally, I also have a brief where I have to analyze a Fall/Winter trend and create my own collection based on it; I've chosen leopard spots. I love that Dolce & Gabbana dress on Daria.)

British Vogue, February 2009, p. 111

I'm very shy about my work, which is a bit ironic in an industry where you rise and fall on people's opinions, but I will try to share some of my stuff every now and then.

In Fashion Illustration, our latest brief was to find a fashion image in a magazine with a great pose and lots of light and shadows, then render it in three ways: (1) a detailed pencil sketch, (2) a stencil in gouache, and (3) a wash in ink refined with a black pen. This is my second piece, I have been avoiding doing the third one because I'm not very good with washes.

What I've Learned...

Every now and then I have to remind myself how lucky I am to go to school with some of the most creative and fashionable guys & dolls, many of whom I can already see making a big splash in the industry down the road. Some lessons I have learned from them so far:
  • Shopping for vintage is fun - like playing dress-ups. And you'll always look unique.
  • It's hard to resist e-Bay peer pressure, especially when you're bidding in class.
  • Luxe handbags are well worth the investment (even better if you borrow them from your mother).
  • Nothing is more satisfying than making your entire wardrobe and having people ooh and aah over how clever you are.
  • Wear what you want; ignore the stares (guys can wear mumus and gladiator sandals if they want to!).
  • If you have a favorite color, stick to it (purple is very popular).
  • Hunt the sales; you can score incredible bargains, especially if you make friends with the salespeople (they will let you in a day early if you're extra nice).
  • Work experience is the best way to score free clothes - if you prove your worth!
We got our marks back for our individuals already and we all did really well. To celebrate, we're going out to lunch today!

Happy weekend. xx

Twiddleee Twiddledum

Lara Stone isn't my favorite model but I love this shot of her and Aline Weber by Patrick Demarchelier.

Sorry, We're Open

His collages keep getting better and better. I love this dip-dyed Givenchy dress.

Stress and Sustenance

Major project due on Monday and so much to do, so little sleep! If someone would make me some of these, that would help! :)

(Joy The Baker is one of my favorite foodie blogs.)

To do list for this weekend:
  • finish sewing my 3 garments - arrrggghhh
  • figure out styling and buy makeup, shoes, etc. for the model
  • compile mood boards, illustrations, production sketches and swatches for my presentation
  • make patterns pretty and fill in pattern specification and garment costing sheets
(It helps to write it all down.)


Our culture/sport project hasn't even been handed in, yet we've already been given the next brief - starting off with white fabric, dyeing it all, and creating an outfit incorporating two cultural prints. I like the idea of this vintage YSL dress as a starting point...I'd love to do something heavily embellished.


Am running out of space for all of my magazines (they count as a necessary expenditure now...)