What I've Learned...

Every now and then I have to remind myself how lucky I am to go to school with some of the most creative and fashionable guys & dolls, many of whom I can already see making a big splash in the industry down the road. Some lessons I have learned from them so far:
  • Shopping for vintage is fun - like playing dress-ups. And you'll always look unique.
  • It's hard to resist e-Bay peer pressure, especially when you're bidding in class.
  • Luxe handbags are well worth the investment (even better if you borrow them from your mother).
  • Nothing is more satisfying than making your entire wardrobe and having people ooh and aah over how clever you are.
  • Wear what you want; ignore the stares (guys can wear mumus and gladiator sandals if they want to!).
  • If you have a favorite color, stick to it (purple is very popular).
  • Hunt the sales; you can score incredible bargains, especially if you make friends with the salespeople (they will let you in a day early if you're extra nice).
  • Work experience is the best way to score free clothes - if you prove your worth!
We got our marks back for our individuals already and we all did really well. To celebrate, we're going out to lunch today!

Happy weekend. xx


  1. you are very wise, which is why you did so well. congrats!

  2. haha, you bid on eBay during class?
    Congrats on the good marks! :)

  3. glad to hear you that your marks turns out well :)