Jessica Stam for Numero Korea

I'm not the biggest Stam fan but I love this 60's inspired profile shot of her.

So Frenchy, So Chic

This spread from October's US Vogue (styled by the wonderful Grace Coddington) reminds me of Dior's The New Look, especially the last pic. One of my remaining briefs for my Fashion Design class is to research the history of the House of Dior and design a few looks inspired by their strongest era (circa 1947).

The In Between

My favorite times of the year are when both hemispheres are transitioning into new seasons and we are all essentially wearing the same thing for almost-spring/almost-fall. :)

On a happy note:
  • I have finally booked a vacation to Hong Kong/Europe/the US for Christmas; and
  • tomorrow is my birthday!

Harper's Bazaar Australia, March 2009, p. 289

Here's another quick sketch of Coco Rocha for my Fashion Illustration class. As we progress, we're meant to pick increasingly difficult poses so this one is helping me work on my angles and perspective. I didn't shade it much (in fact, I had to manipulate it in Photoshop to get the pencil to show up on the scan) because we are going to color it with a full wash. I'm really good at pencil, black ink and flat guache paint, but whenever I start to do anything resembling watercolor I never fail to ruin my drawings. So here it is, pre-color, for posterity.

Sew Sew Dye Dye

That's all I seem to be doing these days, working on my Individual. This is a piece of leather that I dyed; it stiffened a bit but has actually retained most of its soft handle. Today I'm bringing in a model to school for a fitting of my garments. :)

I Heart Alber Elbaz

I adore him - he's so unassuming, sweet and quoteable!

"Wear flats. You're short. It's much cooler not to pretend." (His advice to Natalie Portman)

"When I went to YSL, I spent one month looking at the archive. You know, I was going crazy. Someone said to me, 'Great writers don't read because they realize the best has already been written...' and I left the archive that day and I never went back." (On his stint at YSL)

"Our clothes are not about screaming. Screaming gives me a migraine. I like clothes that are whispering." (On the Lanvin philosophy)

"When I go inside a museum, I don't care who created what I see or who is [in a painting]. It just has to move me. I don't need to buy it. The moment I see it, I own it." (On where he gets his inspiration)

"I'm for smart, intelligent people. People who look and reflect. All we do as designers is reflect, and life gives you that, not school." (On what he looks for in employees)

Wall of Mirrors

Today is sign-off for our second Individual. It's always nerve-wracking because I see it as the making of a contract - I'm committing to creating what I've illustrated on paper, and I get butterflies thinking about whether I'll be able to pull it off or not!

Peace Love Paris

I am thisclose to finalizing a trip to Europe at the end of the year!!!!! (There aren't enough exclamation points to convey my excitement!)

Gold Rush Connies

We had a dye workshop yesterday, which was really fun. My favorite technique was rolling up silk dupion around a piece of rope, ruching it towards the center on both ends and then leaving it in the dye bath for at least an hour. I have filed it away for later to make a pretty silk scarf.

School has made me fall in love with fashion all over again but most days I have to stick to jeans and flats because of strict OH&S rules whenever we have a practical clas. I haven't even worn heels for like 3 months! :(

Full Moon Story

I warned you that I frequently change my mind...I'm thinking of doing Korea for my jacket now, because the silhouette of the han bok is similar to the Japanese kimono, but the color palette is softer and it'll allow me to incorporate some sheer patchwork. And then for the dress, I'm considering Mongolia so that I can still create the look and feel of armor and experiment with leather.

(This is what the design process is like; you need to be really flexible and open to new directions. I got really frustrated on the last Individual because I just wanted to stick to my plan, but I'm making an effort to evolve along with my ideas.)

I love this shoot for Vogue Korea - so pretty!