I Heart Alber Elbaz

I adore him - he's so unassuming, sweet and quoteable!

"Wear flats. You're short. It's much cooler not to pretend." (His advice to Natalie Portman)

"When I went to YSL, I spent one month looking at the archive. You know, I was going crazy. Someone said to me, 'Great writers don't read because they realize the best has already been written...' and I left the archive that day and I never went back." (On his stint at YSL)

"Our clothes are not about screaming. Screaming gives me a migraine. I like clothes that are whispering." (On the Lanvin philosophy)

"When I go inside a museum, I don't care who created what I see or who is [in a painting]. It just has to move me. I don't need to buy it. The moment I see it, I own it." (On where he gets his inspiration)

"I'm for smart, intelligent people. People who look and reflect. All we do as designers is reflect, and life gives you that, not school." (On what he looks for in employees)

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  1. Brilliant quotes! His philosophy translates beautifully to his clothes...