Full Moon Story

I warned you that I frequently change my mind...I'm thinking of doing Korea for my jacket now, because the silhouette of the han bok is similar to the Japanese kimono, but the color palette is softer and it'll allow me to incorporate some sheer patchwork. And then for the dress, I'm considering Mongolia so that I can still create the look and feel of armor and experiment with leather.

(This is what the design process is like; you need to be really flexible and open to new directions. I got really frustrated on the last Individual because I just wanted to stick to my plan, but I'm making an effort to evolve along with my ideas.)

I love this shoot for Vogue Korea - so pretty!


  1. That editorial is/was stunning! Great idea going 'Korean', not as 'common', and the silhouette is so incredible (I've only seen the costume once or twice) :)

  2. oh! im korean! i grew out of my hanbok ages ago and never got a new one :( oh well it was nowhere near as nice as the ones in that shoot haha

    the hanbok would be a less overdone idea than the kimono :) you have to put some pictures up when youre done!!!

  3. wow i didn't know there was a Vogue in Korea- i love it!