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Finally Seeing is my favorite destination for moving quotes and (bitter)sweet images. I hope you like it too!

And this is my inspiration board at the moment - I like to collect random postcards and pictures. :)

The Thin Red Line

I love Love LOVE how the skinny jeans and little red stiletto heels create a seamless vertical line on these leggy models at New York Fashion Week!

Also feeling very, very envious right now of Elisa Nalin's shoe collection on The Selby.
Anyways, today is my day off from school. On the to-do list: a bunch of black/white/gray value scales, some research on cotton fabrics, tracing fashion illustration templates, designing masculine and feminine skirts, and collating a mood board using Adobe. I know, can you believe this qualifies as homework?! I'm truly loving it! xo, i.d.

I Heart Blue Bell Bazaar

You know those unassuming, blink-and-you'll-miss-it antique shops that you find down some random alleyway while you're looking for an ATM or something completely unrelated? I just found one on Etsy. The wonderfully alliterative vendor Blue Bell Bazaar has a delightful array of well-preserved vintage figurines, signs and knick knacks on offer. This one is by far my favorite (although I also had my eye on a sinuous art deco cat sculpture):

Coffee Filtered

These coffee filter pompoms are genius, no? Click here to DIY. 

P.S. Happy Friday! This weekend I will be staying indoors because it's going to rain - good weather for drawing!

A Couple of Outlaws

Bonnie and Clyde are another cinematic couple that I love. Don't you think Faye Dunaway looks a bit like Kate Moss here!?

Baby Baby Baby

One of my all-time favorite movie posters...

For my Fashion Design class, we're meant to bring in images that inspire us every lesson. But I share most of my favorite things on this blog - am I meant to print all of this out!? I'm also literally tearing and cutting through piles and piles of magazines for collages and whatnot. I think I'm going to need a little magazine budget to maintain a continuous stream of source material. What a pricey habit!

Custom Made

I just realized that I have about 15 necklaces and bracelets with my initials or name on it - how ridiculous! Are you a fan of customized jewelry too?

Dum Dee Dum...

I got a subscription to RUSSH for Christmas and now I'm impatiently waiting for the latest issue to come out...

Beautiful Vintage

Eek! They're so strict, even fabric shoes (ie, Chucks) are banned because we use lots of chemicals (this is for screen printing)! I've resorted to keeping a pair of natty old running shoes in my locker just for this class. Thank you so much for the suggestions though!!!

P.S. Have you seen this vintage-inspired editorial on designer cosmetics? Click
here for more.

Flower Power

It was a scorchingly hot summer weekend here in Sydney - 40+ degrees! So I managed to do...nothing...except eat a lot of fruit, read this book and rearrange my bedroom for the third time in a week (the rest of my furniture from Melbourne arrives tomorrow, yay!).

Today I have Textile Printing, Trade Sketching and Fabric Selection. Tres exciting! One dilemma that's arisen is that for our practical classes we have to wear closed shoes - and I pretty much only own heels and ballet flats (which aren't allowed). Any suggestions for cute alternatives to sneakers that can be worn with jeans and dresses?

I Can See Through You

I've let the ball drop a bit with replying to comments but I promise to rectify that asap!

It's been a pretty intense week but I feel like I've already learned so much - in 5 days we learned how to thread the sewing machine, sew basic seams and hems, insert zippers and make simple skirts and shirts. Imagine how much I'll be able to do by the end of the course! I know that the workload is going to be a killer but I'm actually bubbling with excitement, for the first time in a long time. And it's so much fun to be surrounded by people who adore fashion as much as I do. :)

Classes actually start on Monday so I will be recharging my batteries this weekend. Hope you get to do the same! xo, i.d.

Paris Breakfasts

One of the most scrum-diddly-umptious blogs I've seen around is Paris Breakfasts. Artist Carol Gillott paints these mouth-watering watercolors of French pastries and sweets. It's enough to make any foodie run to the nearest patisserie for a croissant fix. Check out her Etsy shop for more!

Time And Again

Pixelthis makes clocks out of recycled bikes, chain saws and CD-ROM drives - how brilliant! Be sure to check out his amazing Etsy shop.

Clock made from a recycled 78 record, US$28

Photo credits:

Fountain Of Youth

Sooooo...first day of school recap:
  • There was that awkward/nervous "nice to meet you" vibe before class started.
  • Apparently they interviewed 330 people and only accepted 60 students. Yikes! They're going to split us into 4 sections and we'll have all our classes with the same 15 people.
  • There are like a billion different materials that we need to get. OK, I'm exaggerating - but it does add up. Sewing kit, art kit, locker, fabric, thread...I guess that means less money for retail therapy. :(
  • Threading a sewing machine is like riding a bike. We also learned how to sew basic seams today - a much-needed refresher.
  • Everyone else is so young! Like, fresh out of high school. It's so funny going back to studying after having worked for a bit. You have a lot more perspective, but also a lot more at stake (on the "This is what I want to do with my life" game show)!
  • The course is split into theory/design classes and practical/sewing classes. It sounds like the learning curve will be very steep and they are going to work us hard - I'm up for the challenge!
  • I actually do kind of feel like I'm on Project Runway. All I need is Tim Gunn saying, "Make it work, people!":p

I Heart Bunny Bisou

Go check out Bunny Bisou's blog and thank me later (flowers and chocolates will do)!

P.S. I'll recap my first day of fashion school tomorrow! Bear with me while I find my feet. I'm still exhausted from that road trip and my room looks like a mini-explosion went off. And I'm kind of in shock about what a major change I've committed to (in a good way though!). xo, i.d.