Rosemount Australian Fashion Week: Part 2

More from RAFW! Yesterday was extra fun because I managed to go backstage and watch the models go through hair & makeup!

Lisa Ho
Fashion Week wouldn't be complete without a Lisa Ho collection. She used some really pretty animal and paisley prints, and there was a selection of beautifully draped dresses in tangerine, teal and green. There was rapturous applause when she came out for her bow!

The other show I went to was the Fashion Design Studio, The Sydney Institute joint collection by the four best students who graduated from my school last year. I would love for this to be me one day!

Soeli Pedrozo
First up was Soeli Pedrozo. She stuck to a neutral palette of black, white and gray and experimented with precise folds, tucks and pleats. I got to see some of these garments hanging on the rack before the show and they were even more spectacular up close!

Rachel Sherwood
Rachel Sherwood put on a great show with a bikie vibe. There were geometric panels on all her jackets and dresses, and some exciting pops of neon pink and yellow.

Seema Pun
Seema Pun drew on her Thai heritage with origami detailing and gold headpieces. There was also some crazy styling with giant tennis-ball sized rings and necklaces!

Christian Lines
The last designer was Christian Lines, who put out a street-savvy collection. Not really my style but the futuristic prints and edgy cuts were interesting!

I didn't stick around for the other shows - I heard that the collections by Romance Was Born, Juli Grbac and Sass & Bide were really well-received but I had to go home and work on an assignment (a 10-piece denim collection). Be sure to check out my friend's coverage of Day 3 and Day 4 - she captured some really cool "model off-duty" shots!

Today I'm going to the Fashion Palette conference. Should be fun!


  1. Are you going to Fashion Palette tomorrow, because i have tickets but unfortunately i have tickets to RAFW today as well. Ah! You're photos and reviews are excellent, Lisa Ho was a beautiful collection from what i can see on

    And it will be you! And we'll all come see you and give you rapturous applause!


  2. wow! the show looks absolutely fantastic!! :D

  3. im loving the seema pun one!!! hope you had fun with your assignment, even if you had to miss other shows.

  4. ooh how fun!! lovin that Soeli Pedrozo dress

  5. Wow, I really like some of these!

  6. Sounds like so much fun! Have a great time at the Fashion Palette conference! :)

  7. Ooh! Thanks for sharing! And your friend's pics are amazing too! :)