I Heart Jordan Askill

I love reading about our alumni who have struck it big. One of these hot shots is Jordan Askill, who graduated six or seven years ago with a truckload of awards, worked for Ksubi (then called Tsubi) and moved to Paris to design for Dior Homme. He's back on home soil now and has launched a jewellery and sculpture collection which is ah-maz-ing. Like so:
The crazy impressive thing, which I only heard about recently, is that in his final year at our school he suffered a stroke. He literally collapsed in the design studio and later attributed it to stress, a poor diet and lack of exercise. This both gave me a whole new level of respect for his success and scared the hell out of me - is that what I have to look forward to for the next couple of years?!

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  1. I love Jordan Askill! His story is so inspiring and amazing. How he came back from medical issues lie that to succeed in the world of fashion is just incredible. i can't wait to see more of his jewellery and work.


  2. Wow, impressive stuff!

    Yikes, he had a stroke in the studio? Dedication is great, but do get some REST.

  3. oh my..a stroke?! i cant remember where ive seen that sculpture before, but its so amazing!! i remember when i first saw it (whereever i first saw it) i was staring at it for at least 10 minutes straight... a past issue of dazed and confused maybe?

  4. this is intense. so is the story behind the artist.