The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

One of my all-time favorite fashion spreads in RUSSH. Katie Fogarty is stunning!

Incidentally, the new issue came out this week - always a cause for celebration! xo, i.d.

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New Look, Old World

Stumbled across these while doing research on Dior & his rivalry with Chanel.

Photo credits: scan from "FASHION: The Century of the Designer", by Charlotte Seeling

These Boots

Even though it's springing into summer (lol) here in Sydney, because I'm going away I'll be having a white Christmas in Europe/the States! So I'm still window shopping for boots. I love these Chloe's.

London Classics

By the legendary Mario Testino.

I'm so relieved, the judges liked my major project! Now I need to catch up on all my homework and get ready for our parade in a few weeks! Happy weekend! xo, i.d.

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Have you checked out Sonia Rykiel's blog yet? They've done a great job of garnering publicity through some of my favorite bloggers like Garance Dore and The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Comment Allez Vous

Wishing I was in Paris now instead of working on this crazy project...just two more months til holidays...

LV Art

Since this brief is all about "The Culture, The Print", I'm going to do screen printing to create a really graphic effect (like the Louis Vuitton piece above).

Life / Messy

I have spent all week dyeing the fabric for my Individual - it has been a messy and imperfect affair! It's so hard to replicate the techniques that I like so I'm just doing my best. This weekend I will be printing on top of the dyed fabric, then next week - sewing! xo, i.d.

"A perfectly kept office is the sign of a misspent life."

Day Of The Dead

Our Individuals are due in two and a half weeks! I have to seriously commit to finalizing my patterns, dyeing all of my fabric and sewing it all together. Oh, and thinking about styling, which I'm keen to improve on from last time.

The Fashion Design Studio of The Sydney Institute (formerly East Sydney TAFE...they've changed names so many times, even I no longer know what to call them) will be having fashion parades on November 3rd, 4th and 5th. If you're in town it'd be a great opportunity to check out the student designers who are following in the footsteps of Lisa Ho, Nicky Zimmerman and Dion Lee. Email me if you need more info!