Life / Messy

I have spent all week dyeing the fabric for my Individual - it has been a messy and imperfect affair! It's so hard to replicate the techniques that I like so I'm just doing my best. This weekend I will be printing on top of the dyed fabric, then next week - sewing! xo, i.d.

"A perfectly kept office is the sign of a misspent life."


  1. why can't i get messages like this in my fortune cookies instead of all that mystical crap that noone understands :(

    your project sounds so coooooool !!!

  2. sounds amazing! it will be interesting to see what you create! also i cant remember if i read on your blog, or if im making it up? but are you going to europe soon? if your going to be in london i'd love to share some amazing places with you! i'll email you them :)

  3. oh i love that ... so much truth in such a short sentence.