This was loveage at first sight:

Sculptural triangular necklaces, US$92 each

wear-and-tear is a line of accessories designed by Cheung Lik, who studied Fashion Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Upon graduation, she gained a wide range of experience in jewelry, costume, photography, art direction, web design and cultural exhibition. In 2006, she made her debut at the Paris Trade Fair and London Fashion Week, selling her accessories under the brand of Daydream Nation. In 2008 she launched wear-and-tear, which experiments with various materials from fabric to metals to create tactile handcrafted designs that are both modern and delicate.


On a sidenote, I've developed a newfound appreciation for accessories, which was apparent on the runways too - a lot of designers seemed to play it safe with their garments but go over-the-top with shoes, bags, belts, headpieces and jewelry. Why's that, I wonder?


  1. oooh! I love that, how different and sophisticated!

  2. Who knows? Maybe something special struck you.

    These are sweet.

  3. OMG!! These are amazing!! And they don't make that much of a dent in your pocketbook. Seriously, how do you find this stuff?? I'm thinking of getting the black and gold and the blue.

    Loving my visits here :)


  4. e: I've never seen anything like them before - they're like origami!

    enc: I think I'm just in the mood to play dress-ups, and what better way than with accessories! :)

    chloe: Oh you are too sweet! Thank you! I love the blue one too.