Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion

Bear with me, I'm flying home tonight and will reply to all of your lovely comments shortly!

This was insanely out of my price range at the bookstore (ie, I could've bought a nice pair of shoes instead) but it's selling for half the price on Amazon. The cover is a bit blah but I promise you that the inside is amazing! Another great source of inspiration - and especially useful since it's styling and creative direction that I want to get into.

Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion, by Sarah Mower, US$47.25
Featuring sixteen of today’s top tastemakers, Stylist focuses on these fashion insiders whose precocious sense for the next big thing often results in trends of global proportions. Organized by stylist and featuring the photography of such luminaries as Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, and Annie Leibovitz among others, this book documents the work and contributions of each stylist through photographs of their creative output and inspirations, and illustrates their distinctive taste, individual flair, and talent for igniting global fashion fervor.
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  1. I love that typography on the cover, but I'm a minimalist, so it's appealing to me that there's not much happening.

    Will you be buying the discounted book?

    Doesn't Sarah Mower write for Vogue or somebody?

  2. You'd be great at fashion trivia -yes, I do believe she writes for Vogue!

    I might drop some hints to see if I can get this for Christmas... ;)