The Times They Are A-Changing

Out of curiosity - what is your favorite fashion era?

Evening Dress, Edward Molyneux, c. 1926–1927

Evening Dress, Madeleine Vionnet, c. 1938

Ball Gown, House of Balenciaga, c. 1948

Ball Gown, House of Dior, c. 1953

Dress, Yves Saint Laurent, c. 1965-1966

Evening Dress, Halston, c. 1978


  1. *sigh* all these dresses are beautiful, stunning works of art. the madeleine vionnet gown is my favorite.

    - roz

  2. Those dresses are amazing. I can't decide what my favourite era is. I love the decadence of the 20's but the drop waists do nothing for me. I love the 30s and 40s for the waists and the history behind the clothes. I have a few 50s style dresses but doesn't everyone these days? I come back to the 60s again and again but I may have overdone the look when I was in my teens. I like details of the 70s but all together it's a bit disco-tastic.
    You never mentioned the 80s! Because I am channeling an 80s vibe mainly at the moment I think. 80s/40s if that's possible!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it's nice to be called adventrous!!

  3. 20s and 30s for me!! so feminine!

  4. 30s and 40s! love the 30s elegance, without the smoking :) but I also love that 50s dress from Dior! What a selection of eye candies!

  5. I love the Halston dress, so i'm going with 70s but probably because i'm addiced to the program swingtown, lol.

  6. So wonderful to hear your different influences! I'm a 50s girl myself, I just love the big pouffy A-line skirts.

  7. '30s and '50s, I think.

    This was a difficult choice, however. All the examples you had were superb.