Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Lace is gonna be big this season (and next season too!) - there's always the danger of being too "little old lady" but it can also be very beautiful and unique. For example...

Are you pro-lace?


  1. I love lace! ...and my blog entry today is about a lace, too :D

  2. what beautiful pieces of lace!
    i am most definitely pro-lace, it is such a lovely and mysterious fabric i think... always different.
    can you imagine a collar made out of that first picture of lace over a plain white dress..

  3. depends on the lace. sometime it's too doily, too tableclothy and makes me think of that scene in reality bites; you know, where ethan hawke makes fun of winona ryder in the lace dress?

  4. oh i am all for lace.. i just need to find fabulous pieces...

  5. I am very pro-lace! It's so classy and sexy. It also has the vintage feel to it. :]

  6. lace is just so beautiful! loved the pieces from Prada. (was it a/w 08 collection?)

    i'm so sorry about my stupid question, how embarrassing! :) just between you and me, I actually like australia better *wink*, I've heard so many amazing stories from people i know, just need to save up and make it my destination for the next trip!