The Third Space

How's this for numbers? It took 52 German design students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich 16,870 hours to create a 200 square meter world out of 1.3 million cable ties, in an attempt to "translate sociological terms like self-portrayal, community and retreat into tangible spatial situations". So awesome.


  1. I saw this!!! but I had no idea who was behind it!! it was reaaally fun but kind of gross in real life - its just such a contradiction, it looks beautiful in its all-whiteness but then unappealingly cocoon-like and alien as well. and then when you touch it it's hard, like sticks of straw.

    I sat in that chair :p hehe

    ps I think its awwwesome what you're doing, good luck getting into design school and keep up your blog, its very entertaining :)

  2. Haha, it IS kind of creepy! "Alien" is a good description.

    Thanks for the support - it means a lot and helps me through the days when I am second-guessing myself!