Anne Hathaway in W

My, my, how Miss Hathaway has grown up. As told in W:
Hathaway once said in an interview that her greatest fear is loneliness. Surely now that fear must loom larger than ever. But the actress, who calls herself an “optimistic fatalist—I assume bad things will happen, but I’m hopeful that maybe they won’t,” cautiously rejects this idea. “I’ve realized,” she says, “that no one is as good at making me feel isolated as I am. It’s something I did in the past.” Fortunately, difficult times have their rewards. “I’ve realized I have a lot of people in my life who, for whatever reason, love me very much. So I don’t think I’ll do that again.”
That line about being an "optimistic fatalist" - I can totally relate to that, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best...

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