How to Prep for an Interview

OK, this is the part I like the least - prepping for an interview! I have a couple of interviews with fashion schools coming up and it's nerve-wracking! I'm approaching it kind of like a normal job interview but, naturally, tailored to an application to a fashion school. Here's how I'm going to psyche myself up for it:
  • Step 1: Sounds dumb, but remember what date, time and place the interview is going to be held! And don't ever be late. If anything, I like to arrive early and scope the place out. Then I present myself to reception 5 minutes early to demonstrate my punctuality.
  • Step 2: Plan what you have to bring to the interview. I'm going to play it safe and bring copies of my application and CV. For some interviews, I'm also going to bring along a portfolio of work.
  • Step 3: Make enquiries as to who will conduct the interview. Then do a little recon on their background - at the very least, I'm going to find out where they studied, where else they have worked and what their current job description is. Then I can hopefully relate my own application to their experience during the interview, eg: "I'm interested in working as an art director for top fashion magazines, as I understand you have done with such-and-such, because..."
  • Step 4: Brainstorm potential questions that may be thrown your way. In the back of my mind, I'm reflecting on what they are looking for in a candidate and how I exemplify those qualities; why I want to study fashion design; why I want to enrol in this program; what my design aesthetic and philosophy is; who my favorite fashion designer is (and why); and what my career aspirations are.
  • Step 5: Make a list of some questions to ask the interviewer. After all, the interview is as much an opportunity for you to find out about the school as it is for them to vet you. I'll be curious to find out how many people they plan on accepting; who the teachers are; what the teaching style is; what the assessments entail; whether work experience is offered; and what their alumni have gone on to do.
  • Step 6: At the end of the interview, ask when you can expect to hear back from them so you know when you need to follow it up.
  • Step 7: Probably the most important tip of all - send a thank you e-mail and/or letter to the interviewer! Very few people actually do this, so it makes you stand out amongst a competitive crowd. I like to lend a personal touch by mentioning something memorable that was discussed in the interview, like: "I enjoyed hearing about your students' collaborations with emerging fashion designers, especially because I would like to build on my experience as a stylist for friends' clothing lines."
Am I missing anything? I also need to figure out what I'm going to WEAR! (*stress*)
Hopefully the above strategy works - I'll keep you posted!

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  1. good luck! i'm sure you'll do great.. :)

    oddly like the blog too.. sits pretty good between my ESPN, NFL subscriptions :O