How to Put Together a Fashion Portfolio

A fashion portfolio, like any other type of portfolio, should be treated as a self-marketing tool. As your application for fashion school or a position in the fashion industry will be judged on your portfolio, you should make sure it is well-presented and effectively communicates your design aesthetic and abilities. Here are some tips on what to include in your portfolio:
  • Portfolio case: Your portfolio should be presented in an A3 or A4 sized ring binder with plastic sleeves to preserve your work.

  • Personal statement: This is similar to a cover letter for a job opening and should detail your personal and professional strengths, skills, short and long term goals, and fashion philosophy.

  • Curriculum vitae: Include your name, contact details, education and other qualifications, work experience, responsibilities and skills, awards and achievements, hobbies and 2-3 referees.

  • Inspiration page: This is typically a collage of magazine pictures, photos, paint samples, fabric swatches, found objects and anything else that informs your creative process.

  • Thumbnail drawings: Include several pages of quick freehand sketches that demonstrate your ability to put together an original, cohesive collection. You can scribble written explanations of ideas and any fabric and trim swatches.

  • Technical flats and specs: These are more accurate drawings that portray design details and measurements.

  • Promotional illustration: Use a variety of media (eg, pencil, marker, charcoal, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic paint) to create posters that illustrate how your clothes would be worn and marketed.

  • Other artworks: Depending on the purpose behind your portfolio, you may also choose to include other artworks that demonstrate your creativity and artistic ability (eg, life drawings, paintings, photography, textile art).
Remember - quality, not quantity!

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  1. im applying for loads of colleges and in the application form it says bring things that may help you gain a place. i had nothing... but this has really helped me build up on the things i already knew. thanks xx