Thakoon Pre-Fall 2011

Thakoon delivers everything I want in a pre-fall wardrobe: a tomboy spirit, bold prints, minimalist silhouettes, a touch of sheer, skinny pants, pops of cherry red, leather trimmings, chic oversized coats. Love every outfit.


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. This one was definitely in my top 10 - so much food, laughter and joy! I love my family. xx

Hair Up

Things I Love Thursday: Christmas parties. Surry Hills. Hanging out with Ctee. 2pm naps. Growing out my hair. Receiving packages in the mail. And Christmas cards too! Having my besties back from the UK for a month. Summer fruits - peaches and mangos! Morning walks with mom. Window shopping Zara Online. The thrill of the chase (for a leopard print scarf). Sarah Wilson's blog (she seems sweet!). Crossword puzzles. Two sleeps til Christmas! xx


Rain, shine, rain, shine. Sydney weather - make up your mind already!!!

Buy Property

Makeup artist Val Garland, in response to the question "What's the one piece of advice you wish you were given earlier?"

Photo credits: Quote from RUSSH (December/January 2011)

Fridays / France Belleville

"In Fridays you will find,
An escape from the grind,
Working week left behind,
Better days on your mind."

P.S. Check out France Belleville's blog. She's one of my favorite illustrators.