Sweater Girl

Here's to: recapping the East Sydney TAFE fashion show, that's it - no more school, summertime, fruit & veg, The Happiness Project, full-time work, a clothing allowance, a day in the life of the facehunter, family birthdays, Christmas shopping, puppy shopping, tweet tweet.

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Have a happy weekend! I will be brunching, celebrating the end of my stint at fashion school and toasting my new (dream) job! x

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At Carriageworks

 Evening wear by Anna Westcott.

Tonight is the last night of The Sydney Institute Fashion Design Studio's annual parade at Carriageworks. And after that...the after party!

Refinery 29's My Style

I think we all have a bit of the voyeur inside us - in the preface to The Selby book, Lesley Arfin suggests that this stems from envy, but I'm more inclined to attribute it to curiosity. People are interested in other people! That's the bottom line to the success of bloggers, photographers, fashionistas, artists, etc. Including Todd Selby. Sadly, his posts are fewer and further between than they used to be, so I've been trawling through Refinery 29's My Style archive for a peek into other interiors. Voila!

Cloud Control

Awhile back I posted a series of work from my Fashion Illustration class. Well, I've just recreated them digitally using Photoshop CS5 and the Wacom tablet for my Computer class. Mostly I just sketched another outline and collaged some color and background images on top of the original artwork. They will hopefully be on exhibition at the annual TAFE Sydney Institute Fashion Design Studio parade next week!

The Boot

Remember how a few weeks ago I was lusting over these? Well, I scored the low-rise version in black suede from work. I've also pre-ordered the ankle boot version in grey leopard patent leather for next winter. :)

My Miu Miu

 I don't shop often (maybe two or three times a year) but when I buy something, I usually buy BIG - and usually it's handbags (my weakness). My last purchase was my dream bag, a medium-sized Miu Miu Vitello Lux bow bag in black pebbled leather with gold hardware. xx