Stay Sharp

I can't believe it's the end of July already. This year is moving too fast. I'm mentally still in March.

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Tie Me Up

This has been my go-to updo for the past 6 months. These how-to snaps are the coolest thing.

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Save It For A Rainy Day

Today is hectic! We have model fittings at 9.30am for our tailoring individual. Needless to say, I am SUPER nervous about what the panel will have to say about my progress! Fingers crossed that it goes OK. I am planning a pitstop at Lindt Cafe afterwards so I have something to look forward to! xx

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Young Gwyneth

So young, so fresh, so 90s. My current inspiration!

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Draw Me

I spent the weekend drawing, cleaning up my pattern-making junk, patching together mood boards and enjoying pizza with some friends! Super ready for another week. x

Photo credits: RUSSH, August/September 2010

Last Tango In Paris

I wish I had clipped more of this editorial...I think it's from an old Grazia...or Marie Claire?

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Last Dance

I came across a whole bunch of clippings I've saved from the last 5+ years which I thought I'd share with you. Let me know if you know the source of any of them...This editorial is one of my absolute favorites.

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A detail shot of my DYLON project from last was all hand-dyed / hand-painted / hand-sewn...and it's currently on display at The Strand Arcade, Sydney. xx

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Take A Page Out Of My Book

Some of my favorite fashion and art books:
The Selby Is In Your Place, by Todd Selby
Pictures, by Tim Walker
The Sartorialist, by Scott Schuman

Influence, by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
The Measure, by Louise Clarke
The World of Coco Chanel, by Edmonde Charles-Roux
Yves Saint Laurent Style, by Foundation Pierre Berge
Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers, by Laird Borelli

I Bleed Glitter

Here's to: Twitter. Midday naps. Bistro Papillon. Opening Ceremony boots. Take It Or Leave (my new favorite song). The Miu Miu bow bag. Cherry chocolate brownies. Miniature golf. Drawing cute guys. The lovely Ctee. Blog love. Apartment therapy. One more week of holidays!

Kicking Off

Kicking off the work day with a big cup o' coffee at Single Origin in Surry Hills (THE best coffee in Sydney)!!! Who makes the best java in your city?

The Definition of Chic

"Chic is one of the few things that, refusing to bow down and worship fashion, is not crushed under the wheels of that juggernaut. Chic is to fashion what poetry is to prose, cold veal to roast partridge, a gadfly to a bull. What is chic may, in a sense, be fashionable, but what is fashionable cannot be chic. Anybody can wear and do what is fashionable. It is not fashionable unless a lot of people do it, and have it on - until, in three words which grate rather hard upon the ear in this connection, it is common. Chic cannot be common. You cannot put on another person's chic, as you may her boots or her hat. You cannot copy it. You never know where to look for it. It has the quickness of a hummingbird and the vitality of an eel...If you are told that this or that isn't fashionable, and you are able to reply, 'No, but it's chic,' you have won the day."
- TEMPLE BAR, The New York Times, October 7, 1877