The Good Life

School holidays + some of my work is on display at The Strand Arcade in Sydney. It's a good life. xx

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Puppy Love

Here's to: Fridayitis. Soy lattes & the paper. Puppies on YouTube! Silk scarves. Oversized handbags. Fabric hunting. Pattern-making. Getting clothes at wholesale price! Family dinners. Birthdays. Lindt Cafe. Catch-ups. Toy Story 3! Speed reading. Trip planning. Winter break. x


Lead pencil, gouache, colored pencil.
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Last up: Miss Moss! Next semester we'll be drawing guys. :)


Chinagraph & charcoal pencils, white & black pens, and gouache on black paper.
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Based on this pic which I posted last year! We had our half-year review for Illustration last Friday. Went really well. :)

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Currently Wearing...

Dion Lee SS09/10 Sheer Blazer Dress.
...with a white button-down shirt as a dress (but it works beautifully as a jacket too). I figure since it's from Dion's first RAFW collection it'll definitely be a long-term investment piece! Reminds me a bit of the deconstructed Jil Sander collection too. xx

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The Silence

My thoughts are with the lovely Lucy Laucht whose brother recently passed away...I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to my brothers. x

Lace Three Ways Part 2

Lead pencil, blue pantone and collage.
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Room With A View

Photo credits: scans from an old RUSSH (September/October 2008)