Fashion Weak / Frontin'

It's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week next week! I'll be helping out backstage at a few shows with the PR firm I'm interning with so I won't be posting regularly. xx
P.S. Who would be in your fantasy front row? This is pretty much mine. :)

Film Archive

Came across these film stills while looking for images of old school tailoring for my research journal.

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The Golden Age of Couture

The Feudal Age

For my Adaptation class, we had to design four outfits inspired by a certain era - mine was the 11th and 12th centuries. Here's my take on repetition, minimalism, deconstruction and texture...
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Raquel Z. in Fur #3

Last in my fur series was this mixed media effort, using gouache, charcoal, chinagraph, pencil and pen. 'Twas an epic day of drawing!

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See here and here for the first two in the series.

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Buckle Up

Today I'm all about going to work experience, writing an essay for Fashion Business and cutting up some fabric before I meet with my swimwear group tomorrow. xx

P.S. Hope you like the new header and layout - I thought it was time for a change!

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Uncommon Genius

LOVE this quote from a book my brother lent me over Christmas. It's NOT all about the money.