365/The Proust Questionnaire

Hard to believe that I started this blog a year ago today - so much has changed since then! I was living in Melbourne, slaving away at an office job, and this blog felt like my only outlet for creativity. Now I'm back in Sydney, studying fashion design at one of the best schools in the world, and the blog is a side project (albeit a much loved one).
One of my favorite blogs is by
Leon, who graduated from Parsons and is now living the dream as a fashion designer in NYC. He posts lots of cool and sometimes random stuff, and a little while ago he shared his Proust Questionnaire.
To celebrate my blogoversary, I thought I'd share mine! Hope you enjoy it. xo, i.d.

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  1. Congratulations on your Blogoversary darling! May the coming year be filled with wonderful suprises and many more fabulous blog posts!

    I totally understand your original need for a creative outpost as here i am slaving away at MY office job and felt the need for some creativeness. Hopefully I can be inspired by your foray into doing what you love and I will find my true calling.


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  3. Haha, blogoversary, what a brilliant word! But yes, congratulations on 1 year of brilliant posts! :) Loved reading your answers to the Proust questionnaire!

  4. happy blogoversary! i love your motto!

  5. i love the time travellers wife, beautiful book!

  6. Happy Blog-versary! I too love the Leon blog-I actually interned with Peter (the author) at Narciso Rodriguez a couple years ago. He's an awesome dude.
    Just wanted to leave a note and let you know that I love your blog, it's a great source of inspiration to me, and good luck with your studies!