I Heart The New Guard

The New Guard is my current favorite destination for Aussie fashion like...

...Dion Lee...


They have a lot of cool/classic clothes on sale at the moment.


  1. AH! I know the owners, and they're actually here in Adelaide! WOo hoo! They also have ACNE (have had my eye on a dress for ages, but now they only have a 34 left, doh!). Beautifully stuff, I was so happy when they opened earlier this year :)

  2. aww just looking at that makes me sad :( i can't even afford the things on sale. so many things. so little money :(

  3. I hadn't heard of The New Guard before, so I'm very happy I found your blog (plus it's great coming across another Autralian blogger)!. Dion Lee makes my heart beat faster, such beautiful clothes.


  4. The photos are great! Suddenly, I want to quit working this day and just find really wonderful pieces.

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