Fast Times & Kitty Litter

How back breakingly beautiful was the hand-knitted collection by Mark Fast at London Fashion Week? I'm in luuurve with the detail on this dress.
Also feeling super jealous of Emmanuelle Alt - the pose! That coat! Those boots!
We had a meeting at school on Monday about volunteering as ushers and dressers at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week - it's compulsory but as if we all wouldn't jump at the opportunity. I'm so excited. I've heard that it's grueling but so much fun...A lot of my friends have already interned for designers - Sass & Bide, Willow, Lisa Ho and Ginger & Smart to name a few - so I'm keen to experience the trenches too!


  1. that top piece is awesome! have fun at fashion week!

  2. LOVE this pic of Emmanuelle too! The shorts, the boots! Amazing! OOh! RAFW sounds fun! Hopefully we get some sneak shots ;)

  3. I've tagged you in my latest post because your blog is FAB!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh that sounds so exciting I wish I could volunteer this year.. u must post pics! xx

  5. Oh I love that second look, especially! The way she paired the trousers and boots is just a stunning combination! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment! <3


  6. Mark Fast's collection was amazing, he is so talented,

  7. amazing. what a fantastic opportunity! let us know how you get on?!