Catch Me If You Can

I had the most bizarre afternoon yesterday. There was a massive blackout that shut down the entire Sydney CBD for a couple of hours, and when it happened we were in class. The rest of the building was evacuated but our teacher made us sit in the dark and continue talking about linen fabrics for another half hour. Frustration!

Two tests today and another one tomorrow. *sigh* Fashion is NOT glamorous; it's a lot of hard work! (But I do love it. :))


  1. ohmy god poor you. i heard on the news some people were stuck in lifts and things.

    at least you were doing what you love. i cant think of too many people who love being stuck in lifts. :)

  2. Hahaha talk about dedication!! The other week our whole campus suffered a black out via a storm but we still had to wait around that night which was uber frustrating. xx

  3. Best of luck on your exams! You'll do great!

  4. Yes that black out was horrible, people stuck in lifts and traffic for hours..i was very lucky to be at home sick that day.
    Love the picture, it's gorgeous!