Candystore Collective

With the multitude of online shops out there, it can be exhausting work tracking down the best. I love it when other bloggers give their recommendations so I thought I'd share one of my finds.

Candystore Collective is run by Jennifer Jones, Jenny Klowden and Marily Jones, a trio of vintage and design enthusiasts who scour the world for stuff that, in their words, "is simply beautiful, or makes us laugh, is well made, handmade, was given a bunch of thought, or has great story, was the result of a passion, an obsession, or just a plain old weekend hobby, or simply a great idea, or made with love." Who can argue with a philosophy like that?

Bow Necklace, Ann Marie Lawson, US$124

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  1. what a cute necklace! a little expensive for everyday purchase but great for birthday present ideas! think i'll forward this to my mum ;)

  2. Ooh! That bow necklace is just too sweet! :)

  3. Love Candystore Collective, and this necklace is one of my very favourites!

  4. very cute. it reminds me of the blogdebetty.