Viva Americana

I am totally mesmerized by this look at the moment. The best part? You could easily throw it together from the staple pieces in your wardrobe (t-shirt + leather jacket + jeans). I just might have to take it for a test drive this weekend.


  1. That's one of my fave combinations (or a blazer instead of the leather jacket)! Can't wait for:

    1) The weather to be cool enough to wear leather jackets
    2) My weight to return to normal so I can fit my jeans again


  2. Sooo with you on she wearing cut offs with opaque tights too?

  3. I can never get used to myself in leather jackets! I try so hard! Boo.

  4. Brigadeiro: I love black blazers too! I've been amassing a bit of a collection, it's kind of getting ridiculous...

    Project Ecoart: Well spotted! Makes the look even better in my book. :)

    Ariella: The bit of attitude helps too, lol.

    Ana B.: I'm a convert - they're so comfy and versatile! Definitely not cheap though...

  5. I know exactly what you mean about this look... I just wish I would look as sexy and innocent as the model in the picture when wearing it. It can look a bit tough if you're not careful and if you don't have a soft face!

  6. can you source me a leather jacket like that? I like it :)!! Thanks also for your handwritten love, can't wait to see you soooon!!