Just Be

A couple of bloggers have spilled the beans on their New Year's resolutions for 2009 so I thought I'd chime in...

Mine is to discover and do things that I find interesting and am passionate about! More specifically (and a bit randomly), I want to exercise regularly and eat healthfully, gain work experience in the fashion industry (maybe intern at a magazine and volunteer for Fashion Week), frequent places that inspire me (like art galleries and the markets), meet cool new people, spend time with family and keep in touch with friends, keep blogging and get back into writing, and pick up a new hobby or two (like drawing or dancing or cooking or floristry...the possibilities are endless).

So what's your New Year's resolution?

- Daniela Kamiliotis, set and costume designer, fine artist and VP of Ralph Lauren


  1. that image is beautiful! happy new year, darling! wishing you the best for 2009!

    La C.

  2. Thank you! :)
    Happy 2009, dear.
    Let's make this year big! :)


  3. beautiful combination..and innovations...wish you a delightful New Year Celebrations.

  4. i resolute to eat only 80% full by the time i stop eating allowing time for me to feel full.`

  5. wow. i think i may steal a few of you new years resolutions!!! haha kidding, but they do sound really fun! thanks for the comment too! i managed to get my boyfriend to buy it for me hehe it really is worth it though!!! i have always wanted to study fashionnn!!! so lucky! xo

  6. good resolutions... i want to gain the confidence to intern at a magazine, quite similar to yours. i think in general i want to become a better person (haha) this year. hopefully that happens!

    happy new year! 2009 will be fabulous, i can already feel it.

  7. happy new year!

    i actually have made a pact not to have new years resolutions- I never keep them!
    but i guess i would like to pick up a hobby just like you do, and perhaps to find more pictures as lovely as the one in your post?
    molly x

  8. Awesome resolutions - I want to visit art galleries more often too!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful resolution to make - Happy New Year!!

  10. Happy Oh nine! :D Good luck with your resolution, I'm sure you'll discover all sorts of luscious treasures hehe

  11. Waahh!!Pretty blog!!
    I discovered your blog thanks to:
    Oh Joy!
    Happy 2009!

  12. my resolution is to get my work recognised on a fashion blog. or maybe kanye's.