A Girl's BFF

Diamonds! (Duh.)
But you can be your own best friend by:
  • applying red lipstick (a.k.a. confidence in a tube) just to go grocery shopping;
  • wearing sequins in the daytime and watching with glee as the sunlight creates a disco ball-like effect on the sidewalk;
  • spending a day constructing new outfits out of your existing wardrobe to the tune of ABBA;
  • whipping up a bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries for yourself;
  • forgoing a night out on the town for a night in bed with Gossip Girl and/or The City (my two not-so-secret shames).
Show and tell: what nice things do you treat yourself to?


  1. Ooh! I did #2 just last weekend with the sequinned Mickey Mouse tee (as pictured in my last post I wore to a b'day party), driving to the winery region with friends, creating a disco in the car & later on the sidewalk, great fun!

  2. trashy reality tv on the one or two nights i decide not to go out

  3. all of them are my fav things to do! well apart from the red lipstick which I'd love to do but just can't pull off that look!

    i will certainly be doing a lot of "spending a day constructing new outfits out of your existing wardrobe to the tune of ABBA" soon, spring reorganising!

  4. i really hate sequins for some reason. probably bad childhood 90's experience involving dance and stage moms.

    i sit on my bed and draw or paint my nails :)

  5. What fabulous ideas - esp loving the red lips,sequins and day of ABBA and wardrobe love!!

    My personal treats are long lazy bubble baths, cupcakes and tea, scrapbooking and taking photos.

    lovely post! xxx

  6. Haha I love Gossip Girl, but would totally take The Hills over The City any day.

    Funny enough, I just went shopping for some red lipstick, but couldn't bring up the courage to make the purchase. Why are red lips so hard to do! Oooo, I think it's just confidence.

  7. LOVE this list! Each and every one sounds perfect.

    To treat myself? I get dressed in a nice outfit just to go to the grocery store. And I get my nails done---sure I go to the cheapy salon for $10 but a manicure is a manicure!

    Oh, and I visit fabulous blogs like yours even though i know i should be doing 'real work' :)