Carry On

The American Apparel Cities Bag is one of those items from one of those brands that's just so ubiquitous I would normally avoid it, except for the fact that I think it's actually pretty darn cool.

Bull Denim Woven Cotton Cities Bag, American Apparel, AUD$45


  1. i like it?
    and like you, i dont really buy much aa.

    link exhange? i love the blog :)
    molly x

  2. Mmm! That's a good one, hun! But I always dance like no one's watching i.e. like a flaming idiot ;)

    You are very brave to go back to the student life. I'm really used to the extra money but not keen on the 9 to 5 pm. Of course you have to make sure to tell me how it's going!


  3. I would like to have that as my everyday bag! Yay! :D

  4. i completely agree with your commentary on the bag. i love it!! :) it would be such a fun tote to bring around!

    thank you for leaving such a lovely comment! you are too sweet, darling!

  5. I agree. Have much love for the AA bag!

  6. That is pretty cool, but I couldn't pull off wearing it without looking like a total wannabe of some sort :P

  7. it's ubiquitous, yes, but oh so cool. i want one now, if only it had longer tote-size handles. :)

    thanks so much for your advice and comments on my HELP post, by the way. they were most helpful indeed, and your reassurance that this choice, like the HSC, and most other things in my life at the moment, are not the end of the world, was so comforting. at least i know that if this does not take me where i want int the world, or if i change my mind at any point, i can do so.

    i will definitely be keeping all your advice in mind, many people have told me to get involved in the paper and get my writing out there, and you also mentioned exchange... i would love to do that, and sydney uni has such a myriad of places on offeri 'm spoilt for choice. :)

    seriously, thanks so much for taking the time to help and pass on advice. it was most thankfully received.


  8. 100% agree... it's actually pretty damn cool!


  9. aha.. i agree with you completely too..

  10. Ooo0, I want one, it's so cute!

    Happy New Years & have a great 2009!