An Interview With Lindha Sagum, Stylist

Lindha Sagum is a Swedish-born, London-based stylist and the author of the blog Alice in Wonderland, where she posts dreamy images of her sources of inspiration and behind-the-scenes footage of fashion shoots she works on.

The ├╝ber talented Ms Sagum good-naturedly agreed to answer a few questions about her life as a stylist. Read on!
Where are you from?
Uddevalla, Sweden.

How did you become a stylist?I studied Fashion Marketing Merchandising in New York then interned at a couple of places and one of them was The New York Times Magazine's style department. There I assisted the Market Directors of the Men's and the Women's Departments and realized that I loved what they did, styling. From there I started working with other up and coming photographers and did some tests. And so it started by building up my portfolio together with them. They are still my best friends in this world.
Where do you find inspiration for your work?Everywhere. It's just a matter of keeping one's eyes open. Nature, art, film, people, creatures, fairytales, books and magazines. My friends.
What exactly does a stylist do on a typical photo shoot, from start to finish?This varies from team to team. But for me, usually it's about working on a concept together with the photographer. Sometimes the original idea comes from me and other times it's theirs. Then one tries to see what model fits into the concept as well as what place we need for it. After that, one basically sets a date and hires a hair and makeup artist. After the shoot, me and the photographer decide together which images we'll use.
What clients have you worked for?Cover Girl, Tiffany & Co, The New York Times, V magazine, S magazine, Paper magazine and a lot of others.
What do you think makes a good model?Presence! Being aware of one's body! Personality!
What is the one item in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?The Dress.
What is the best fashion advice you have received?Ohlalalala!!! OK, maybe this: "Express Yourself" -- Madonna.
Thank you Lindha! Make sure you keep an eye on her blog for updates on her latest work.


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