I Heart Binth

Places I've been:

Places I haven't been:
If you could travel to a city anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Photo credits: http://www.binth.com


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE THOSE!

  2. love these designs!

    i'm the opposite from you, i've been to the european cities but not america, i'd love to go to New York!

  3. Well, if the destinations looked like this, I'd have to choose Berlin. And also, Berlin, because it's the only one on this list I haven't seen yet. I love these illustrations.

  4. paris! i can't wait to go there one day.. or back to rome. very nice prints too!

  5. E: Tokyo - good choice! I have a friend there at the moment and she says the girls dress so cool.

    Tina: Lol, we need to swap places!

    enc: I hear that Berlin is really modern and full of interesting things to do. It's up there on my list...

    Vanessa: Paris is my dream city too! :)

  6. ...I've been to Tokyo, I'd like to be there as in right now...visual delight overload! ;)

  7. Tokyo, hands down!

    These illustrations are so lovely...

  8. These are great! And the answer is back to to Paris, again and again :)