21 Days Til Christmas

I'm so excited! What's on the top of your Christmas wishlist? I just want to find out whether I got into fashion school!!!


  1. fashion school sounds so exciting!!! what degree/course will you be doing? you're so talented so i'm sure you'll get in!

    some days i really wish i chose the design route instead of a maths degree, crazy isn't it, the two things i'm kinda of good at are miles away :)

  2. that picture is so cool...
    i'm wishing for good results on the HSC, and perhaps mary kate and ashley olsen influence. ah i think i will do a wishlist post today.

    i hope you do get in! what fashion school is it? and what degree? I really want to be a writer, but i'm not sure exactly what degree i should do for it. maybe arts/media communication or something.


  3. I'm crossing my fingers that you get in!

    I have many things on my wishlist. Too many to list.

  4. Luv this Christmas tree! So modern...can be at a Dior Homme shop display... Hope you'll get into a great fashion school dear... & be able to show your talent! ;)

  5. Awww thanks for all of your words of encouragement! I've applied to several courses, ranging from pure fashion design to more fashion business - I should know where I end up by early January. Fingers crossed! x

  6. I hope you get in! (:
    That sounds fun.

  7. thank you for your comment :)

    this is beautiful and so cool!

    xx love...

  8. I want a new pair of fabulous shoes! :D

  9. Best of luck with your applications! I'm SO jealous! Wish I could apply for fashion design, but being a bit older, I'm considering a short fashion-styling course instead :) Hope you have marvellous Xmas & New Year's! You have an award waiting for you in my blog ;)