Since money doesn't grow on trees, I'm trying to be a good little recessionista and stick to a few rules:
  1. Invest in the classics. I think my wardrobe foundations are pretty solid after a year acquiring high quality basics.
  2. Only buy what you really love. I'm ashamed to say that a couple of times I've bought stuff I didn't want or need just because it had a label. Never again! I want my clothes to be meaningful.
  3. Curb emotional spending. Shopping makes me happy but I've come to realize that the euphoria of an impulsive purchase doesn't last for very long. I normally wait a few days to see if I still want it.
  4. Set a budget for clothes and accessories and stick to it. (It's the second part that I have trouble with...) I keep a list of things that I need/want and try to only buy what's on there.
  5. Hunt for bargains. There are so many out there, you just need to (window) shop around a bit! My favorite Australia-based site is Missy Confidential, which sends out alerts on all the upcoming sales and online deals.
Have you got any tips for being fashionable but frugal? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Those are all good rules for shopping, and I bet you'll be happy you stuck with them.

  2. I like this post - although begin frugal when it comes to clothes is a MAJOR challenge. #4 just never seems to work out for me haha ;)

  3. hear hear.
    I'm with you all the way on this.

  4. I know, sometimes it's unrealistic but I try...!!!