Wardrobe Wishlist

For some reason or another, and whether consciously or subconsciously, I've been channeling Blair Waldorf lately...

Headband, Prada at Saks Fifth Avenue, US$395

Dress, Urban Outfitters, US$58

Blazer, Elizabeth and James at Pink Mascara, US$385

Watch, Fossil, US$105

High heels, Revolve, US$215.60
P.S. I LOVE these shoes!


  1. First of all, I love this collection of clothing you have chosen. That headband is so pretty! And I love everything else!

    Second...whaaaat!! I am rushing to Barnes and Noble immediately after work! You definitely just made my day a million times better :)


  2. mmmmmm blair. she is so lovely, as are these pics.
    although 400 US for a headband seems a tad extreme.
    but blair is rolling in it, so that shouldn't be a problem
    the dress and shoes are fabulous.!

  3. Woozers! I’m pretty in love with this whole list! That dress is awesome. I love lace, so classic. ;)