Lucy Folk creates the most scrumptious jewelry - diamond-encrusted pretzels, 24-carat gold popcorn, and solid silver cornchips (and that's just an entree!). The talented 24-year-old graduated from gold- and silver-smithing at RMIT University in Melbourne in 2003 and joined the Pieces of Eight workshop in 2005. Miss Folk also collaborates with her cousin, fashion designer Arabella Ramsay, to produce one-of-a-kind jewelry each season and looks set to branch out internationally this year.

Pretzel brooch, £200.00

Popcorn necklace, £265.00

Good enough to eat, no?


  1. Thats some gorgeous jewellery, i really like how they have mixed gold and silver.

  2. I want that pretzel brooch. NOW!

  3. these are absolutely gorgeous! Really into gold pendants right now...

  4. fashion pariah: I love the gold n' silver mix too! Who says you have to stick to one at a time? :)

    e: The pretzel is my favorite! The salt is made of diamonds, lol.

    ivoreece: Real yummy! I was thinking it would be cute to have a silver hershey's kiss pendant...

    luphia: Glad you like it too!

    songy: Haha, true, except this "snack" would last more than 5 minutes. :p