Sara Phillips

Sara Phillips is a graduate of the prestigious East Sydney Fashion Design Studio. After five years working for Jayson Brunsdon and Saba, she launched her debut collection titled "Knit one Purl one" in November of 2007 at the Carriage Works in Sydney. Miss Phillips' clothes are really quirky and feminine. Her AW09 collection, dubbed "Come Fly With Me", is one of the cutest I've seen. And very reminiscent of Charles Anastase SS09, what with the organza skirt in the middle:

I could never pull it off but I really love these feather dresses:


  1. OMG! I loooove this designer! Great find! I have come to the realization that I have a certain affinity towards Aussie fashion.

    I've actually been contemplating opening a boutique that specializes in Australian designers - I will have to wait until the economy is up and hope that the cost of the clothing isn't boosted for shipping overseas :) What do you think - good business idea?

  2. You could definitely fly away in that cape. I like it.

  3. chloe: Absolutely! I can be your distributor! :P

    enc: Hee hee, the cape is super dramatic isn't it? I like it too!

  4. There are quite a few online boutiques selling AU stuff I think. Just need to look!


    I gave you an award yesterday. I don't know if you do that kinda stuff?

    :) Just showing my love.

  5. Wow, awesome cape! I love allll of it