I Wannabe

Which one do you wannabe? Personally, I'm digging the Bandstand collection (so spunky and laidback!).

Bandstand - Give flowers and frills their marching orders with Bandstand. A new look that sees brass buttons, fringing and rosettes add an irreverent, quirky edge to traditional military styles. Rope detailing appears on Majorette coats and tasselled jackets, while matelot trousers and soft tailoring are offset by soldier style shoe and ankle boots. Bow tie dresses in washed-out-flag shades of berry, plum and grey give this drummer-boy look a softer edge.

Photo credits: http://www.topshop.com


  1. I LOVE topshop, it's a great place to get cheap stylish/edgy clothes of the lastest trends. at least 50% of my clothes are from there (also a sign of laziness...)

    i love zara too, do you have zara in the US? sorry my knowledge is very limited :)