Wardrobe Wishlist

I'm jetting off tonight for some much needed R&R! Here's my favorite in-flight attire (perfect for slipping through security and dashing for departing airplanes):

A ribbed tank is comfy and no-fuss. Wear one or layer two in muted jewel tones.
Ribbed Tank, Victoria's Secret, US$18

A wrap cardigan functions like a blankie - perfect for keeping warm on freezing flights.
Wrap Cardigan, Velvet, US$187

The stretch fabric of these jeans makes them ideal for lounging; the cigarette cut keeps it sharp.
Jeans, Joe's Jeans, US$101

Cashmere ballet flats are easy to slip on and off. Keep your feet happy in a bright color.
Ballet Flats, J Crew, US$198
A carry-on bag with wheels makes luggage a breeze to handle.
Carry-On Case, Stella McCartney for Le Sport Sac, US$395


  1. I love that Stella McCartney bag! I travel a lot so I may be needing to make the purchase :)

  2. I love your picks - especially those jewel-toned tanks.

  3. Chloe: It's a great bag! And I learned the value of having a bag with wheels last night when I had to lug around my heavy suitcase (stuffed mostly with clothes and shoes, of course!) :P

    Erin: Thank you! I have fun, it's like window shopping but better because I can do it in my pj's. ;)

    trixy tran: Thanks! I actually need some new tank tops but sadly we don't have Victoria's Secret down under. :(

    songy: Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comments! :)