Top 3 New Polaroid Obsessions

I'm heartbroken that they're phasing out the polaroid. I love polaroid pictures and their spontaneity and permanence. Here are some recent finds I wanted to share with you...

Porter Hovey Polaroid Project
Found via Frankie magazine: the Porter Hovey Polaroid Project features happy snaps of the everyday and the touristic in good ol' New York City.


Skyscrapers with Sun Burst

Sweet Leaf

I really want to go back to New York...

Ten Minutes
Oh Flickr; the thought of having to sift through all your photos used to overwhelm me (I feel the same way about youtube. I know. I'm weird). BUT you're growing on me! Here's what I uncovered recently: Ten Minutes' cheerful, saturated polaroids. The bright hues take me back (way back) to my childhood, like so...


Your Cover's Blown
Your Cover's Blown is a really cute blog by Hila in Perth. She has also just opened an etsy store for her soft, nostalgic polaroid prints. Go check it out!

Ballet Shoes, US$15.00

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  1. I LOVE LOVE Polaroids!!! They are the best!!! Really, I do believe that. Many of my favorite pictures from my toddler years are taken by Polaroids. Digital is convenient, but I tend not to print them out and keep accumulating in my computer.

    Wonderful blog! Thank you for visiting my blog:D I'll come back
    again for sure!!!