A Peek Inside New Yorkers' Closets

Is a customized closet the new yardstick for success? Read this article from New York Magazine and decide for yourself.

Sean Crowley, Tie Designer, Fort Greene

"I share a brownstone with my girlfriend, but this closet is mine. The books are histories and photo collections. The suits and ties are mostly vintage and English. The number of shirts is a little silly—250 to 300. For suits and jackets, 40 to 50. And I have 3,000 ties."

Anna Sui, Fashion Designer, Greenwich Village

"I had always loved The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and wanted my closet to open like that. So we cut out the back of an armoire and it leads into the walk-in."

Yana Kamps, Style Adviser, East Village

"It was originally a guest bedroom. My architect said, “For resale, you should not get rid of a third bedroom.” But I had the last laugh. Vision is more important than numbers; I’ve turned the apartment into every girl’s dream."
Linda Rodin, Stylist and Entrepreneur, Chelsea

"There’s no rhyme or reason. A picture of a sphinx. The first letter my niece ever wrote me. Vintage flowers and postcards by the billions. My jury-duty slip. I’ll steal napkins from restaurants. Most of all, I love anything aquatic: shells, turtle, waves."

Maneesh Goyal, President of an Event-Production Company, Union Square
"It has all the bells and whistles: laundry hampers, a library ladder, a three-way mirror. When you open the doors, lights turn on. The shoe racks have movable heights, so you can store ankle boots or tall boots."

Alex Roy, Retired Rally Race-Car Driver, East Village

"In the old days, you’d buy a fancy car as your bling. Nowadays that’s tacky. You get a nice closet."

If my family is reading this, I hope you can now appreciate that my hoarding habits aren't that bad at all...

Photo credits: http://www.nymag.com

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