• Is it weird that I like to plan out my outfit for the next day? It helps me fall asleep...very relaxing, like Wardrobe Tetris where you get a mental picture of all the pieces fitting together.

  • Still giddy from Favorite High School Teacher commenting years and years ago that I have a fashion designer-y name...(yay!) I think she was just being nice though.

  • I have a color aversion. My wardrobe = all black and white (with the occasional cream, gray and blue). I blame working in a corporate environment. It's not too bad though - at least everything matches.

  • Most recent best compliment (from Fashion School Person) - "I'll see you on Project Runway in 3 years!" My dorky response: "Uh, okay, yeah!"

  • I need some therapy for my retail therapy problem. I could never do a shop-tox like My Lookbook has done...several times.
Adieu til Monday!

Images of various fashion industry peeps via the fabulous Fashionista!

Photo credits: http://fashionista.com/

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  1. your color aversion is a bit like... you've given up and assimilated. break out, change the boring corporate world! :)