Purple Gets Political

So, purple is in. Especially with politicians! The New York Times just wrote an article debating whether "a color that represents the middle ground between Republican Red and Democratic Blue [is] a sartorial statement of objectivity". Apparently a whole lot of media commentators, including Brian Williams, George Stephanopolous, Bill O'Reilly and Jay Leno, have taken to wearing ties in shades varying from "solid pale purple" and "periwinkle" to "magenta" and "shiny grape" to declare their neutrality and bipartisanship.

You could argue that some very classy politicians' wives jumpstarted the romance with purple. Earlier this year, French First Lady Carla Bruni showed off a series of purple, gray and black outfits during a state visit to the UK with husband President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Then Michelle Obama donned a purple sheath dress when she accompanied her husband Barack Obama on stage to accept the Democratic presidential nomination. (Incidentally, both ladies were just named on Vanity Fair's 2008 International Best Dressed List - bravo!)
Either way, I like the purple, gray and black palette a lot!

P.S. I know that second photo of Ms Bruni isn't purple but I couldn't resist - she looks like a French Jackie-O!

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